Spend X Free Shipping

Spend X Free Shipping is a WordPress plugin for WooCommerce.

It enables you to increase the average order value of your WooCommerce store by creating a cart notification showing the visitor how much they have left to spend before they receive free shipping.

This can entice users to spend a little more to take advantage of the free shipping over X amount.

To see the plugin in action, simply add items to your cart from the Shop page below £50 in value.


From your WordPress Admin, simply head over to Plugins > Add New. Click on Upload and Browse to where you downloaded the plugin to.

Next, click Upload to install the plugin.

Finally, from the Plugins page, click on Activate.

If you have not already installed WooCommerce, the plugin will detect this and notify you that WooCommerce is a requirement.

You will be unable to Activate the plugin until WooCommerce is installed and Activated.


Once you have Installed and Activated the plugin, you will have a new menu item named WooCommerce Spend X. This is where you can configure the options for the plugin.

You can configure the amount required for free shipping from the WooCommerce > Shipping settings.