Elements: Carousel

Using the built-in Carousel Slider is easy!

The Carousel Slider is built using a WordPress Custom Post Type and is displayed either via drag & drop with Elementor, or through a native WordPress shortcode, the choice is yours!


Simply head to the Carousel menu in your WordPress admin. From here click on Add New. Give the Carousel Post a Title, Description, and a Featured Image.

Next, set a Category to be used later when displaying the Carousel. Assigning Categories allows items to be pulled into multiple Carousels in different locations.

To display the Carousel in a Page, simply drag the Slider Widget onto the page if using Elementor, or, if you would prefer to use a native WordPress shortcode, simply switch the text editor in the page from Visual View to Text View, and click on the Carousel shortcode button to insert into the page.

You can set each Carousel item to either have no link, to open in a Lightbox Modal, or to link directly to the Carousel Single Post.

Finally, whichever display option you’ve chosen, simply set the available options and you’re done!

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