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Helpers are simply little snippets of code bundled into a shortcode for ease-of-use. Currently available helpers are as follows.

Call To Action: The cta shortcode allows you to create a call-to-action box anywhere on your site.

// shortcode usage. link: where link goes, background: background color, color: text color
[lovethemes-cta link="#" background="#33977D" color="#ffffff"]Whether you're a developer or DIYer, WorkPress will make your life easier and your website better.[/lovethemes-cta]

Reviews: The reviews shortcode allows you to add testimonials / reviews anywhere on your site. Behind the scenes it automatically creates rich snippets which display in search results as orange stars.

// shortcode usage. item: product or service, summary: the review or testimonial, reviewer: the person who left the review, rating: reviewers rating, count: how many people reviewed this
[lovethemes-review item="WordPress Theme / Framework" summary="Fast, beautifully designed, stupidly easy to use and speeds up development!" reviewer="Ben Smith" rating="5" count="17"]

FullWidth: The fullwidth shortcode simply adds small side margins for use in a full width layout.

// shortcode usage. background: background color, color: text color
[lovethemes-fullwidth background="#fcfcfc" color="#111111"]Content goes here[/lovethemes-fullwidth]

Center: The center shortcode does exactly what you’d think, it aligns content horizontally center.

// shortcode usage.
[lovethemes-center]Content goes here[/lovethemes-center]

Padder: The padder shortcode adds additional padding around an item to help with spacing when creating complex layouts.

// shortcode usage.
[lovethemes-padder]Content goes here[/lovethemes-padder]

Wrap: The wrap shortcode is simply a narrower box aligned center for styling. You can see an example of this in the homepage content “What is WorkPress?”

// shortcode usage.
[lovethemes-wrap]Content goes here[/lovethemes-wrap]

Clear: The clear shortcode clears any floats from the previous element. Useful after floated images.

// shortcode usage.

Seperator: The seperator shortcode is basically a horizontal rule that seperates content with a line.

// shortcode usage.

Spacer: The spacer shortcode is like the seperator shortcode, only it doesn’t create a line, instead it seperates content with spacing.

// shortcode usage.

Amp: The amp shortcode creates a stylized ampersand, just like this &.

// shortcode usage.