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The shortcode plugin is the only plugin that is mandatory when using the starter theme.

It is mandatory because the theme uses the classes and responsive media queries from the plugin scaffolding, as well as various other functions.

// Plugin Installation
From your WordPress admin panel, simply head to Plugins > Add New and click on the Add New button at the top. This will direct you to a new page.
At the top of the page, click on the Upload Plugin button and browse for the plugin and click Install Now. Once installed, simply activate the plugin.

Shortcodes Included:

Accordions: Accordions are useful when space is limited but you still need to have content available.

Accordion Shortcode Documentation.

Alerts: Alerts can be used everywhere to draw attention to particular content.

Alerts Shortcode Documentation.

Buttons: Buttons can be used on forms, call-to-actions, or simply as a styled link replacement.

Buttons Shortcode Documentation.

Contact Form: The included contact form is a simple mailer which can be used anywhere.

Contact Form Shortcode Documentation.

Flip Boxes: Flip boxes are similar to accordions, and are useful when space is limited but you still need to have content available.

Flip Boxes Shortcode Documentation.

Font Icons: Font icons can be used everywhere and are useful for attracting attention and stylizing content.

Font Icons Shortcode Documentation.

Google Maps: The Google maps shortcode simply embeds a Google map wherever you want to show a location.

Google Maps Shortcode Documentation.

Helpers: Helpers are little, useful snippets of code to save you time when adding content. Useful when you don’t know much HTML.

Helpers Shortcode Documentation.

Scaffolding: Scaffolding enables you to create a multitude of responsive columns to create layouts easily.

Scaffolding Shortcode Documentation.