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Built with love

Built with love, just for you.

Extra+ was built with you in mind.

Whether you’re a code ninja, or novice, Extra+ will help you to build your site, your way, quickly & easily.

Checkout all the great built-in features that will save you time, and money.

Form follows function.

Clean, bloat-free code ensures your website functions just as well as it looks.

Time saving features.

With built-in modules, shortcodes & classes, you’ll be up and running in a jiffy.

Regular updates.

We continually monitor and update our themes to ensure they function as expected.

Need some help?

Great Documentation and fast, responsive support, we’ve got you covered.

Who We Are
  • Mike Schmidt.
    Mike Schmidt.

    Technical Director

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  • Lucy Brand.
    Lucy Brand.

    Creative Director

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  • Chris Kenton.
    Chris Kenton.

    Senior Developer

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Client List

Say hello to Krista.

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